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Why are there multiple colours of brackets indicating style overrides?

Created on 28th February 2019 at 13:26 by Jamie O'Connell

Overlapping style overrides will lead to multiple sets of brackets

Brackets are used to indicate when a style override has been applied to some text in the text-editor window.

If there are multiple, overlapping overrides, then the brackets will be shown in different colours to indicate while override is which.

  • In the example above, there is one style override on the two words "world leader" (blue brackets).
  • There is another, additional style override on the word "leader" (red brackets).
  • And yet another style override on the letters "ad" in the word "leader" (green brackets).

If you have multiple non-overlapping style overrides, they will all use blue brackets. It is only when the style overrides overlap that multiple colours are used.

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