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Knowledge Base / FAQs / Tips for Checkout/Check-in/DIFF Process

Keep existing items intact during a checkout where possible

Created on 13th January 2016 at 16:07 by Jamie O'Connell

If the design of a document needs to be updated, it is better to move and manipulate the existing items where possible. If you use cut/paste (or copy/paste and delete), the ID of the original item will be lost and you will need to manually relink the frames and segments again during the DIFF process.

Depending on the number of changes made to the document, this could be more time-consuming than simply adapting the existing items during the redesign phase.

For further details on how to work with the DIFF Wizard, please refer to the corresponding workshops.

Redesign by moving and editing existing items

When the items are kept intact, they are all automatically linked to the correct items in the 'old' revision of the document.

Redesign using cut & paste

When items are manipulated using cut & paste, the items are no longer linked to the correct items in the 'old' revision of the document.

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