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What happens if a 'font' is missing?

Created on 03rd March 2016 at 14:35 by Jamie O'Connell

The text in any InDesign® file uses fonts that will be rendered by InDesign Server. These fonts will, therefore, need to be uploaded by the user to the one2edit™ system.

This lesson shows what happens when fonts have not been uploaded and are thus 'missing' from a one2edit™ project.

What happens when 'Fonts' are missing?

  1. If a font is 'missing', then the text will be rendered using a default system font. This font will have a different font face, and may result in overset text (e.g. if the default font is larger than the design font).
  2. Once the font is no longer missing, the text will be rendered correctly using the font that was intended.

All text will be rendered, even if the font is missing. However, you may see missing characters if the correct font is not used. For example, if you are entering Chinese characters, but the Chinese font is missing, then the system will default to a system font that many only contain Latin characters.

Open the 'Project Details' window

To open the 'Project Details' window, select the document and click 'Edit > Properties'.

You may also click the thumbnail of the document to achieve the same result.

'Fonts' tab

  1. Click the 'Fonts' tab to see the fonts that are required for this document.
  2. If any fonts have a red 'X' beside them, then they are 'missing' (i.e. InDesign Server is unable to find nor render them).
  3. If you have recently uploaded your font package(s), then you may need to click the 'Validate' button to refresh this view.

You are not required to click 'Validate' for InDesign Server to make use of available fonts. The 'Validate' button is only for the user to refresh this tab.

Fonts required for target languages may not yet be listed for the master document. Please be aware of the need to create styles for target languages in the original source document (i.e. styles that will select the correct font and fitting options for those languages).

You can upload a font package (a .zip file containing the font files) via 'Settings > Font Packages'.

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