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Can I pause a workflow to make changes (like adding actions)?

Created on 05th October 2015 at 11:30 by Jamie O'Connell

Workflows can be paused and resumed by a one2editâ„¢ project administrator.

Workflows should always be paused if they are to be changed/updated (e.g. adding more actions, changing the users assigned to a workflow step, adding further content to a content group, etc.).

Some workflow actions may be re-executed when the workflow is then resumed.

Example: Add Workflow Action

'Pause' the workflow before making any changes.

  1. Open the 'Action' window (via 'Workflow > Actions') and add a new action (or actions) to the workflow.
  2. Click the 'Play' button to resume the workflow.
  3. In this case, the 'Edit Step' and second 'Review' step already contain active content. Therefore, their 'Start' actions will be executed when the workflow is resumed. The first 'Review' step contains no active items, so the 'start' action for that step will not be executed.

If a project has been exported for editing/translation, small changes regarding workflow actions (like in this example changing a message) can be done without affecting the export-import process.

If you change the user(s) that are assigned to a workflow step, make sure that at least one user is assigned to any step containing unfinished job items.

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