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Why do I see yellow overset warning triangles but no overset text?

Created on 05th October 2015 at 11:20 by Jamie O'Connell

It is possible that you may see an overset warning triangle while working on a document, but not have editable access to the overset text.

To check this, you can set up a filter in the document structure to check for overset text. If none is displayed, then the overset text is not for you to work on (yet).

It may be that the editable text will be passed to your job step in the future. However, it is also possible that the overset text occurred later in the workflow and will not be rejected back to your job step.

Warning triangle without editable access

A warning triangle indicates that there is overset text on a document spread.

However, it is not an indicator that the overset text is editable in this particular job step.

In the example above, the headline contains the overset text, but the headline is not editable in this particular review step (the editable text segments are all highlighted).

Set up filter to check for overset text

You can set up a filter to check for overset text in your active job items.

  • Click 'Filter' at the bottom of the document structure panel.
  • Click the '+' (plus) button to pop up the filter types that can be added.
  • Choose 'Text Overset' from the pop-up menu.
  • Click the 'Apply' button (the check mark).

If no results are displayed, then there is no overset text in your active job items, and the warning triangle can be safely ignored (for the moment at least).

More details on this technique can be found in the lesson: 'How to display all overset text segments within a document'

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