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Error (ID13149): Unknown error – Export Translation File

Created on 14th September 2015 at 16:56 by Jamie O'Connell

If your one2edit™ session is interrupted (e.g. browser crash, internet outage, etc.) while you were working on a document, you may not have explicitly saved your latest changes.

This can lead to a recovery session, where you can re-open the document, recover your changes, and save them.

If a user tried to export a translation file from a document that has a recovery session on it, the export will fail with the error code 13149.

Error (ID: 13149)

Trying to export a translation file throws an error with code 13149. This happens due to the aforementioned recovery session existing on the version document.

Click 'OK' to make the 'Error' window disappear. Then click 'Cancel' to close the 'Export Job' window.

'Recover' document

Re-open your job for editing as normal (e.g. click the 'Edit' button).

A warning message pops up, informing you about the recovery session. Click 'Recover' to restore all changes that have been made to your document before the session was interrupted or 'Ignore' if you do not want to keep any changes from your last session.

This will open the one2edit™ job editor.

Click 'Save Document'

Click 'Save Document' to save your changes permanently.

You can now close this job and export the translation file as normal.

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