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How can I use a previously translated document as the source for a new job?

Created on 07th September 2015 at 17:36 by Jamie O'Connell

Sometimes you need to translate from a source language into multiple similar languages, e.g., 'German (Germany)' and 'German (Austria)'.

This lesson shows how you can use one completed translation as the source document for a new translation job.

Duplicate a version document that is in 'FINISH' status

Any completed translation job will be marked with the status 'FINISH' in the 'Projects' tab. In the example above, it is the 'German translation_DE' document that has been completed.

  1. Select the finished version document.
  2. Click 'Edit > Duplicate'.
  3. The duplicated version appears at the bottom of the list of version documents.

You should now give the new version document a meaningful name. In this example, the 'DE' was changed to 'AT' to mark it as a 'German (Austria)' version document.

The new document does not have any workflow, but it does contain all of the changes that were made to the original version document.

It is not a technical requirement that the document be in 'FINISH' status before being duplicated. However, if you duplicate a document that has not been fully reviewed and approved, you will then need to fully review and approve two documents instead of just one.

Setup a new workflow

We now need to assign a "German (Austria)" workflow to this document, so double-click on the new version document to open its workflow window.

  1. Assign a pre-prepared workflow from a template (via 'Workflow > Assign Workflow from Template') or a blank workflow (via 'Assign Empty Workflow').
  2. Ensure that the target language is correct (in this case, 'German (Austria)') and that the rest of the workflow is set up correctly.
  3. Start the job.

This method does not cause the 'Edit' step to be automatically skipped. The workflow will start as normal (i.e. all items marked as 'New'), but the translations from the original version document will be in situ.

The content group in the duplicate document will have the same name as in the other document (i.e. the content group name is set in the master document for all version documents).

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