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Why can I not make changes in my master document?

Created on 20th August 2015 at 12:59 by Jamie O'Connell

Version Documents

Once version documents exist in a project, the master document in that project cannot be edited until the version documents have been locked.

Changes made to the content in a master document may also affect the content of the version documents. Locking the version documents is necessary in order to avoid any clashes (i.e. content being changed in two places at once).

Therefore, while a version document is locked, it cannot be worked on by users.

For further details on how to lock version documents please refer to the 'getting started' lesson: "Locking version documents when editing the master document".

Dynamic Layout Engine

If you have enabled the one2editâ„¢ Dynamic Layout Engine in your project, you must disable it before you can make changes to your Master Document.

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