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If I rename a document, are its links maintained?

Created on 21st August 2015 at 15:50 by Jamie O'Connell

When a document is renamed, any links to version documents or images are maintained.

Documents are identified through their ID numbers, and renaming a document does not affect that.

The following steps show how to rename documents in one2editâ„¢.

Open 'Project Details' window

Select the document and click 'Edit > Properties', or click the thumbnail icon beside the document.

This will open the 'Project Details' window.

Update 'Name' and 'Version'

  1. Rename a master document via the 'Name' field. If you are renaming a version document, you will also want to update the 'Version' field.
  2. Click 'Save' to apply the name changes.

If you leave the 'Version' field blank for a master document, then any version document will be called 'Version of <NAME>', where <NAME> is the text in the 'Name' field.

Document was renamed

You can now see the renamed document in your 'Projects' tab.

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