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Document Navigation

Created on 17th December 2013 at 17:50 by Jamie O'Connell

There are different ways to navigate a document within the one2edit™ Job Editor.

1 - via Spread Thumbnails

The thumbnail area at the bottom of the preview can be used for navigating your document.

Simply click on the thumbnail of the spread to which you wish to go.

The page number(s) for each spread are shown at the top of each thumbnail.

The current spread is highlighted in the default colour for the workspace. If you have zoomed in on the spread, the highlighting area will be smaller because it represents the area in the preview.

If there are more spreads than fit within in the width of the window, you can simply click and drag on them to browse through them.

If a spread is greyed-out, it does not contain any items from the current job. However, it is still possible to click on a greyed-out spread to view it in the preview area.

2 - via the Structure Panel

  1. Click to open the 'Structure' panel.
  2. All the spreads from the document are displayed here. Simply double-click a spread to navigate to that spread.

All items from within the document are displayed in the 'Structure' panel. Double-clicking on any item (e.g. a text-segment) will navigate to the spread on which that item resides.

3 - via Spread Drop-Down Menu

The drop-down menu allows you to choose a spread in the same way as the thumbnails, although without the graphical aids.

What is a 'Masterspread'?

When you open the spread-selection drop-down menu, there will be at least one 'Masterspread' at the top of the list.

A "Masterspread" is a template page that is created in Adobe® InDesign®.

These master spreads may contain items that will appear on any spread created using that master as a base, e.g., page numbering, a logo, etc.

It is possible to add items from a master spread to a content group in one2edit™. If that is done, then the appropriate master spread will be displayed in the thumbnail area, i.e., where it is possible to set items to 'Done'.

Even if a master spread is blank, it is always accessible via the spread-selection drop-down menu. However, if no items are in a content group, then no items on these master spreads can be edited.

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