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Setting the default low-resolution PDF preset

Created on 18th October 2013 at 16:57 by Jamie O'Connell

This lesson will show you how to upload a PDF preset and then set it as the default job option for low-resolution PDF exports.

Settings > PDF Presets

Click 'PDF Presets' in the 'Settings' menu to open the 'PDF Export Presets' window.

Click 'Add'

Click the 'Add' button and choose the job options file to upload.

PDF Preset File Uploaded

You should now see that your PDF job options file has been uploaded.

Settings > Client Workspace Settings

To set which job options file will be used by default, you need to open the 'Client Workspace Settings'.

To do this, click on 'Settings > Client Workspace Settings'.

'Client Workspace Settings' Window

The 'Client Workspace Settings' window contains a field called 'Default Low Res. PDF Joboption' (marked in red).

Choose PDF Preset from Menu

Use the drop-down menu to choose the Default PDF Preset to use for low-resolution PDF exports.

Click 'Save'

Click 'Save' to save your settings.

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