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What happens if I change the segmentation in a translation project?

Created on 30th July 2014 at 17:24 by Jamie O'Connell

Changing the segmentation in a master document will cause some or all of the translations in all version documents to be undone.

Therefore, you must be very careful when changing the segmentation of a document when jobs are in progress. There is no way to undo these segmentation changes and restore the documents in your project to their previous state.

The reason that translations will be undone is that the system cannot know which parts of the translated text apply to which parts of the new segmentation structure. A computer cannot make such linguistics-related decisions.

Therefore, all segmentation (to match the target translation memory) should be done at the start of a project, before the translation jobs get underway.

This holds true even if the segments themselves do not change. In other words, the act of applying the same segmentation rules to a document will undo translations.

Translation jobs are in progress for a project

In order to preserve the integrity of the translations, there needs to be a 1:1 relationship between the source-language segments in the master document, and the target-language segments in the version document(s).

Therefore, changing the segmentation in the master document will also change the segmentation any version documents.

If those version documents have running workflows, changing the segmentation within the master document could undo some or all of the work that has been done in those jobs to date.

Changing the segmentation will reset segments

  1. Changing the segmentation of specific segments in the master document will undo any edit/translations that were made to those segments in the version documents (even if the version-document job is 100% complete).
  2. If the 'Tools > Apply Segmentation' menu option is used, all segments within the document may be affected.
  3. Segmentation can also be changed by using the 'Split' functionality in the text editor window. Segmentation altered in this way will also revert to the master document source text.

Even if you apply identical segmentation rules to the document (i.e. the same rules that were applied before any jobs were started in this project), the ID of the segment will still be updated, thus losing any edits/translations made. It is for this reason that all segmentation should be done before the translation jobs are started.

This is separate from the 'Default Reset Settings' – those only apply for changes made to the content itself, not changes made to the segmentation.

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