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Knowledge Base / FAQs / Text Segments

How to assign a name to a text segment

Created on 07th October 2013 at 19:03 by Jamie O'Connell

Names can be assigned to text segments within a document.

These names can then be used when exporting/updating selected pieces of text within a document via API calls.

Select Text Segment

Select the text segment that you wish to name.

Open "Segment Info" Panel

Click to open the "Segment Info" panel, as shown.

Click "Name" Field

Click on the "Name" field in the "Info" panel.

Type Name

Simply type in the name for this segment and press "Enter".

Nothing obvious will happen when you press "Enter", but it does apply your changes to this segment.

Segment Named

Congratulations! You have now named a segment in your document.

You can use this name in conjunction with API calls to specifically address this segment.

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