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How can I reset images in my version documents?

Created on 24th August 2015 at 12:40 by Jamie O'Connell

You may be required to reset an image (or multiple images) to that of the master document, e.g., the image positioning/fitting, the image chosen, etc.

Such a 'reset' of images must be done within the master document, and will reset the chosen image(s) in the chosen version documents to their master-document settings.

You will need to lock the version documents as normal.

The same procedure can be followed for resetting text segments.

Select Image(s)

After locking the version documents, select the images that you wish to reset.

If items on more than one spread need to be selected simultaneously, please use the structure panel.

Click 'Tools > Reset Versions'

Click on 'Tools > Reset Versions'.

'Reset items in version documents' window

The 'Reset items in version documents' window opens.

By default, no version documents are selected and no 'status' checkmark is set.

Apply changes to selected version documents

  1. Select the version documents in which you want to reset the selected images.
  2. If the images are within a content group, you can choose to reset their status to 'Needs Edit', etc.
  3. Click 'Apply'.

Click 'File > Save & Close'

Click 'File > Save & Close' to reset the selected content in the selected version documents.

A workflow must be present and running on a version document for items in that version document to be reset. If a workflow is currently paused, or if no workflow exists on a version document, the content will not be reset nor have the status applied to it.

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