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Why can I not edit images in my job?

Created on 14th August 2015 at 13:00 by Jamie O'Connell

Check your Content Rules

Image-editing rights (and text-editing rights) are assigned via the one2edit™ 'Content Rules'. These rules define how items in a content group may be edited by an end-user.

If no content rules are added to a content group, then an end-user only has permission to edit the text in editable text segments (i.e. not the images). In other words, end-users are not, by default, permitted to edit images that have been added to a content group.

If you feel that you should be permitted to edit the images in your job, please contact your one2edit™ administrator.

Check that the layer is not locked

If a layer is locked in the master document, then it is also locked in all version documents.

Content on a locked layer cannot be edited, no matter what rules are set up within one2edit™. This is also true for text segments on a locked layer.

Please contact your one2edit™ administrator if you think that a layer may be locked.

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