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How to limit the choice of replacement images to a specific asset folder

Created on 08th January 2014 at 16:05 by Jamie O'Connell

This lesson will show you how you can limit the replacement images from which a user can choose.

This is done using one2editâ„¢ content rules.

Create a New Content Rule

Create a new content rule via the 'Settings > Content Rules (Policies)' menu option.

Check the 'Replace' Box

Expand out the 'Image' branch on the left until you see the 'Replace' option.

Check this box, to allow users to replace any images to which this rule will be assigned.

Uncheck the 'Allow All' Box

Uncheck the 'Allow All' box. This will turn off the ability for users to select any image to which they have access.

Instead, we are going to present users with a specific folder containing images that they can use.

Click 'Add'

Click 'Add' to add the folder that contains the replacement images that can be used.

You can add as many separate folders here as you want. Just click the 'Add' button each time to add another.

Asset Browser Window

The 'Add' button opens the Asset Browser.

You will only see content in this window if you have access to an asset space on the one2editâ„¢ system.

Choose Folder

  1. Choose a folder on the left-hand side of the window (in the folder tree).
  2. Click 'Add'.

Recursive & Upload

The folder has now been added to the list.

You can now choose from the options 'Recursive' and 'Upload'

  1. Recursive: If the 'Recursive' option is checked, then all subfolders of the chosen folder can also be accessed by the user. If this is left blank, only the images in the chosen folder can be seen by the user.
  2. Upload: If the 'Upload' option is checked, users can upload their own images to the chosen folder. If this is left blank, then the folder will be 'read only', i.e., users can only choose from the images that already exist in the folder.
  3. Remove Folder from List: If you wish to remove a folder from this list, click the red X to its right.

Rename and Save

You should now give your rule a meaningful name (1) and save it by clicking on the 'Save' button (2).

If this content rule is now added to a content group in a master document, the user will only be able to replace images in that content group with those present in the chosen folder.

Content rules can also be added to specific pieces of content within a content group if more granularity is needed.

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