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Error (ID: 2038) - File I/O Error

Created on 09th July 2015 at 10:57 by Jamie O'Connell

As you can see from this list of Flash error codes, the error with ID 2038 is a 'File I/O Error'.

This error occurs when the one2edit™ Flash client has a problem reading or writing a file to/from the client computer (e.g. during a PDF export, etc.).

Such I/O errors are typically caused on the client side of the connection, rather than on the server side.

Use 'HTTPS' instead of 'HTTP'

Some firewalls do not allow files to be written to a computer if the connection is not secure.

If you are using 'HTTP' in your one2edit™ URL, please try using 'HTTPS' instead.

If using HTTPS does not display a one2edit™ login screen, please contact your one2edit™ system administrator.

Export files to local (not network) drives

When downloading a file from one2edit™, try downloading to a local drive instead of a network drive.

Again, the permissions available to your Flash client may prevent files being placed directly on a shared drive.

Check your Firewall

If the above do not work, then you should check your firewall logs.

It may be that the firewall contains a rule that prevents files being downloaded through the Flash client.

Please talk to your local IT team about checking firewall logs and updating the configuration to allow files to be exported from one2edit™.

Export to Asset Space

You can always try exporting the document to an asset space instead of trying to export it as a direct download.

This would not require download permissions through your firewall to your browser.

You can then download the file directly from the asset space.

With Firefox (Version 62 and above) on macOS

With Firefox version 62 Mozilla changed the behaviour of Flash. This means, that Flash runs in its own sandbox and prevents the following functions from working properly:

  • Print to PDF from the Flash print dialog
  • Print to Open in Preview from the Flash print dialog
  • Quicklook in the File -> Open menu
  • Saving files from a Flash applet
  • Flash applets downloading and running the Adobe Air installer
  • Flash triggering Adobe Air applications to run

To fix this please follow the instructions on https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/changes-affecting-adobe-flash-firefox-mac

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