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Knowledge Base / Administrators – Preparing your one2edit™ Workspace / Working with Folders

How to set 'Folder Permissions'

Created on 15th November 2018 at 17:20 by Jamie O'Connell

Folder permissions can be defined for user groups in one2edit™ with regard to individual folders. They are used to specify what a user can do within this part of the folder structure. A project administrator decides, whether a folder should be available for one or more user groups involved in a project.

This lesson demonstrates how to assign folder permissions.  

Folder permissions are only needed if group members other than administrator users should explicitly get
more permissions. If the folder permissions are not specified, only administrator users can see folders and work with them.  

Open 'Folder Details' window

In order to assign folder permissions, open the 'Folder Details' window.

There are two ways to open the 'Folder Details' window:

  1. click 'Edit > Properties'
  2. double-click on the selected folder.

Open 'Users and Groups' window

  1. 'Folder Details > Permissions': Select the 'Permissions' tab of the 'Folder Details' window. This tab is empty by default.
  2. Open 'Users and Groups' window: Select a group from the 'Users and Groups' window. Drag and drop it into the 'Permissions' field.
  3. Drag and drop selected user group(s): Select the user group(s) you want to assign further folder permissions to from the 'Users and Groups' window and drag it into the 'Permissions' tab of the 'Folder Details' window.

Permissions can only be assigned to groups, not to individual users. If only one user should be granted certain permissions, a separate group needs to be created.

Grant permissions

  1. When a group is selected within the 'Permissions' tab, possible permissions will be listed in the field below.
  2. You can now check individual permissions for the selected user group or check the box on top, if all listed user permissions should be granted.
  3. Click the 'Save' button to apply the selected permissions.

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