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Knowledge Base / Administrators – Preparing your one2edit™ Workspace / Working with Folders

How to create new folders and subfolders

Created on 15th November 2018 at 17:20 by Jamie O'Connell

All of your one2edit™ projects are organized in folders. For the best possible use of one2edit™ it is helpful to built a folder structure you are comfortable working with.

This lesson demonstrates how to create folders and subfolders.

First time logging into one2edit™

When you log-in to one2edit™ for the first time the 'Projects' tab will be selected and your screen will look like the screenshot above. A folder named 'documents' has already been created by default.

Creating a new folder

In order to create another folder go to 'File > New Folder'.

Within one2edit™ you can create folders and subfolders. As this new folder is meant to be on the same level as the 'documents' folder no existing folder may be selected.

Name the folder

After clicking 'File > New Folder' the 'New Folder' window opens.

By default, any newly created folder will be named 'New Folder'. Give the folder an appropriate name in the 'Name' field and click 'Save'.

View new folder

You now see the new folder, named 'Recipe', located on the same level as the 'documents' folder.

Creating a new subfolder

To create a subfolder (a folder within an existing folder) select a target folder (e.g.: the 'Recipe' folder) by clicking on it. The selected folder is highlighted in colour. Now, click 'File > New Folder'.

After a folder is selected, more options are available in your 'File' menu.

Name the subfolder

After clicking 'File > New Folder' the 'New Folder' window opens again. Name your subfolder in the 'Name' field and click 'Save'.

View new subfolder

After the new folder has been created via 'File > New Folder', it is located as subfolder in the selected target folder (e.g.: the 'Recipe' folder).

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