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Knowledge Base / Administrators – Uploading Documents / Create and upload an InDesign® Package

Uploading and extracting your InDesign® Document Package

Created on 28th November 2016 at 10:53 by Jamie O'Connell

This lesson is about how to upload a .zip archive to one2edit™ and extract that .zip.

Open the Asset Browser

Open the Asset Browser by clicking on 'File > Browse Asset Spaces'.

The Asset Browser shows the contents of your one2edit™ asset space. It is to this asset space that you can upload your own documents and files.

Select the asset space to which you want to upload the file.

Upload the file

Upload the file

Click the 'Upload' button to open a local file-browser window.

Choose the file to upload to the asset space from your local system.

Extract the Archive

Extract the Archive
  1. Select the uploaded .zip file and click the 'Extract Zip' button.
  2. The archive will be extracted to a folder of the same name.

ASIDE: Create a new folder

ASIDE: Create a new folder

You can also create folders manually in your asset space.

  1. Click the 'New Folder' button.
  2. Enter a name into the 'Info - New Folder' window and click 'Save'.

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