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Is there a limit on file size when uploading files via browser?

Created on 19th November 2013 at 11:12 by Jamie O'Connell

Yes: one2edit™ has a file-size transfer limitation of 250MB when using a browser.


There are three approaches that allow you to upload more than 250MB:

1. Select multiple files when uploading

The file-size limit is on a "per file" basis.

Typically, there are no single files that are more than 250MB in size within an InDesign package, so if you highlight multiple files for upload at once, then each one can be uploaded separately by the system.

If, however, there are files which are larger than 250MB that need to be uploaded, please see the second workaround method.

2. Use the one2edit™ Adobe® AIR client

We also provide an Adobe AIR client app. This can be downloaded from any one2edit system using this URL format:

https://<system URL>/v3/One2edit.air.zip

For example, to download the AIR client for the one2edit Express system, simply substitute "express.one2edit.com" for the "<system URL>" part as shown:


This AIR client uses the PUT command which does not have this file-size limitation. 

You will need to download and install the Adobe AIR runtime in order to run an AIR application: https://airsdk.harman.com/runtime

3. Use the one2editFS Client

Ask your one2edit™ administrator if your system is using the one2editFS.

If so, they can give you a link to download the one2editFS Client, which will mount the one2edit volume locally, allowing you to upload/download files to/from your one2edit system using your standard OS file manager (e.g. Finder, Windows Explorer...).


Please note that each version of the one2edit™ AIR client only works with a specific version of one2edit™. Therefore, it must be updated whenever the one2edit system is updated (e.g. the AIR client for one2edit v3.7 will not work with one2edit v3.8). When you download the AIR client from a one2edit™ system, it is always the correct version for that system.

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